Date: May 6, 2020

Presenter: Brian Massey – IBM Maximo Senior Offering Manager, Skip Snyder – IBM Vice President and Partner Global Intelligent Connected Operations, Mitch Simon – IBM WW Asset Performance Management Sales & Strategy, Scott Wallace – IBM Executive IT Specialist and Solution Architect

In today’s climate, employers have a new mandate to rethink and plan for protecting employees’health and safety in context of Covid19. How do companies leverage analytics to assist employees in social distancing? What signs are potential early detections of an employee general health or potential fever? Solutions must help you adhere to the new normal such that operations can be safely restarted. This is where Maximo Worker Insights comes into play. An analytics solution that gathers information from IoT Sensors on the worker and within the environment to provide insights to allow companies to provide a safer working environment.
Listen to May 6th recording here.