Date: September 22, 2020
Presenter: Steve Lisle and Lien Tran of FieldFLEX

Would your organization benefit from pre-built templates to help you rapidly deploy and manage inspections, inspections with work orders, and full facility condition assessments? We have solutions that allow you to easily design and build inspection templates or quickly and easily modify pre-built templates to help you with both scheduled or ad-hoc inspections. These solutions also enable specific, targeted inspections to be actioned within a work task. Inspections attached to work tasks can be based on work type, location, location type, asset, asset type or a combination. In addition, these solutions can be used in conjunction with a capital program to observe and collect facilities and asset conditions, evaluate remaining service life, estimate future repair or replacement costs and timing.

Come to this session to learn more about how you can address these needs and more and see for yourself how these mobile native solutions can be readily adopted by your field inspection and assessment teams working on and off line in focused or broad based inspection and facility condition assessment programs across your real estate portfolio.

Listen to September22nd recording here.