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IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management Suite On-Line Open Labs
Next Event:  April 27 guided lab, April 28 – 29 self-directed on-line lab access

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Introducing IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management Suite
IBM’s Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) Suite enables you and your teammates to address the day-to-day complexities you face as you work to create and maintain the modern systems that run the world.  ELM Suite helps you:

  • Engineer your requirements and automatically assess their conformance to either industry standards or your own
  • Use Model-based approaches to systems engineering, testing, and software development
  • Verify and validate your software and systems
  • Plan and track your projects and manage defects
  • Version control, configuration manage, and reuse related requirements, models, tests, and code
  • Report on all your ELM artifacts, calculate and present metrics, and perform cross-discipline change impact assessments

IBM ELM Suite is based on open standards that enable you to integrate other ALM, PLM, and engineering tools with the Suite’s digital engineering backbone.  You can adopt the Suite tools that you need in order to complete your ELM lifecycle capabilities, and you can leverage our digital engineering backbone to satisfy your full-lifecycle reporting, analysis, configuration management, and project planning and tracking needs.

Take a Test Drive via an ELM Suite Open Lab
Use an ELM Suite Open Lab to gain your initial hands-on experience with one or more of the Suite’s capabilities. In the Open Lab, use your IBM-provided personal Cloud-based environment to access the ELM Suite tools and perform one or more two-hour hands-on labs to explore the tools and workflows that most interest you. The following figure shows the hands-on labs that currently are available to you, and how you can work through them to gain progressive understanding regarding the Suite’s capabilities. Click here to get more details on the labs.

ELM Suite Open Labs Agenda

Day 1:  3-hour live, on-line event, starting at noon, U.S. Eastern time.

  • For this first day, you are guided throughout the session by IBM ELM Suite experts
  • Via our brief overview, you will come to understand IBM ELM Suite’s capabilities and how you can leverage the Suite’s digital engineering backbone to support your full-lifecycle system development needs
  • You then will be introduced to your personal Open Lab environment, you will find the labs that are of most interest to you, and you will work through one or more of these labs

Days 2 and 3:  Self-directed labs exploration with a live recap each day

  • We provide you continuing access to your personal Cloud environment for two more days.  Work through the labs that interest you, at your own pace.  Each day, our IBM ELM Experts will be available for an hour, beginning at 4 p.m. U.S. Eastern time, to address your questions and to provide additional insights regarding IBM ELM Suite.

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