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Bring Your Floor Plans to Life With Indoor Mapping

Date: January 26, 2021
Presenters: Alex Melamed, IBM TRIRIGA Offering Manager

Even as our workplaces are changing, there’s always the desire to take building management to the next level. Take space, for instance. There’s a wealth of helpful information in every floor plan, especially as you look for ways to keep people safer. For example, as floor plans change to accommodate social distancing, how easy will it be for your users to find their new assigned space? Is there an opportunity to look ahead and create an amazing occupant experience for the future?

When you leverage the wealth of building data and floor plans already in TRIRIGA and visualize it with Esri ArcGIS Indoors smart building mapping, you have the power to:

• Improve safety and workplace experience for your employees and visitors through enhanced TRIRIGA functionality
• Apps: allow people to navigate their space and easily locate amenities, colleagues, collaboration spaces, and appointments from the apps they use day-to-day
• Deliver workplace services directly from the interactive floorplans: reserve rooms, report issues or search for space information in an app, in a web browser, or from a kiosk
• Provide effortless wayfinding across a campus: enable employees, visitors, and maintenance staff to quickly find where to go and the best way to get there to minimize disruption to their work
• Visualize spatial data across the portfolio: easily scale to your entire portfolio to help workspace planners prepare safer indoor environments with floor-aware indoor maps based on their CAD / BIM drawings and TRIRIGA data.

Listen to January 26 recording here.

Streamline Project Portfolio Management with TRIRIGA Capital Projects Hub

Date: October 27, 2020
Presenters: Patty Congdon – Global Offering Manager at IBM and Traves Peterson – Client Technical Professional at IBM

IBM TRIRIGA Capital Projects Hub provides an intuitive, streamlined experience for Project Managers to quickly understand project data, update capital project records, manage project details, and assigned project status. In this session, come learn how IBM TRIRIGA Capital Projects Hub can help your organization enhance project efficiencies, save time, improve visibility, and reduce costs in the field and back office.
This webinar provides some high-level background and a demo of how the solution can be used in the field.

Listen to October 27 recording here.

Mobile Inspections and Facility Condition Assessment with TRIRIGA FieldFlex Mobile

Date: September 22, 2020
Presenter: Steve Lisle and Lien Tran of FieldFLEX

Would your organization benefit from pre-built templates to help you rapidly deploy and manage inspections, inspections with work orders, and full facility condition assessments? We have solutions that allow you to easily design and build inspection templates or quickly and easily modify pre-built templates to help you with both scheduled or ad-hoc inspections. These solutions also enable specific, targeted inspections to be actioned within a work task. Inspections attached to work tasks can be based on work type, location, location type, asset, asset type or a combination. In addition, these solutions can be used in conjunction with a capital program to observe and collect facilities and asset conditions, evaluate remaining service life, estimate future repair or replacement costs and timing.

Come to this session to learn more about how you can address these needs and more and see for yourself how these mobile native solutions can be readily adopted by your field inspection and assessment teams working on and off line in focused or broad based inspection and facility condition assessment programs across your real estate portfolio.

Listen to September22nd recording here.

Manage Your Changing Workplace with Watson Works

Date: September 1, 2020
Presenter: Shirin Sajjadi, Mitch Johnson, Mac Smith of IBM

Abstract: Watson Works is a suite of applications utilized to guard the health, safety and productivity of your people in a changing workplace so you can work safe and work smart. The suite focuses on workplace re-entry, facilities & space management, workplace & space safety, and contact tracing & care management.

In this webinar, learn how these focal points provide insights designed to help you:
Decide when to return to the workplace
Manage facilities and adhere to new protocols
Answer customer and employee questions on COVID-19
Connect employer data to entry privileges
Trace potential exposures and help access employee services
Stagger entry/exit times to manage density
Protect healthcare data and securely manage employee opt-in and consent

Listen to September 1st recording here.

Maintaining Occupancy Thresholds while Ensuring Safe Spaces with TRIRIGA Reserve

Date: August 11, 2020
Presenter: Mac Smith of IBM – Account Manager, and Traves Peterson of IBM – Sr. TRIRIGA Technical Specialist

In this webinar, we explore TRIRIGA Workplace Reservation Manager. Mac Smith, Account Manager, and Traves Peterson, Sr. TRIRIGA Technical Specialist, lead this session and demonstrate the following:
• TRIRIGA AI Assistant to streamline workplace reservations
• Enable more reservable spaces to book in advance while ensuring occupant safety
• Simplify room reservation bookings and automate back office processes using MS Outlook
• Reserve services to clean and disinfect spaces

Listen to August 11th recording here.

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